Innovative Services

EHC can field splice one handrail in less than 5 hours, two in less than 8!

Our Service Experts will provide you with the highest level of handrail support and service, saving you downtime and money.

Repetition Is Key

Our Service Technicians undergo extensive splice and handrail repair training. They only service escalator handrails, having an average of 10 years experience or 5000 splices. The splice is the weakest point on any handrail – trust only EHC Certified Technicians to perform all of your field splices.

For new construction projects, it may be difficult to accurately determine the length of the handrail needed – the best solution is to overestimate the length and have the handrail spliced to fit at the jobsite. Field splicing can be especially difficult for maintenance companies if they only maintain a few escalators. Rely on EHC to perform field splicing allowing mechanics to focus on other projects.

Cost Savings

  • Eliminates disassembling and reassembling processes.
  • Significantly reduces labour hours and downtime required to change handrails.
  • Includes costs for splice kits, end preparations and mould equipment shipping.

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NT Handrails – Splicing Advantages

Cutting edge procedures developed by EHC Global save you time & money. NT handrails have an invisible factory finish that stays glossy.


  • No dangerous goods – no solvents or adhesives
  • Equipment is lighter, easily portable
  • Less tooling required


  • No dust or debris
  • No scrap or handrail waste
  • No strong odours
  • Technicians hands & clothes stay clean


  • NT cure times – 33% Faster
  • No buffing required – save 20 minutes per escalator handrail
  • Virtually no clean up required

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