Corporate Overview

Established in 1977, EHC Global Inc. (EHC) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of handrails, rollers, safety brushes, elevator belts, strategic components, and integrated solutions to the vertical transportation industry. EHC also provides a comprehensive range of technical services to OEMs including field-splicing and Service+. Each day, EHC helps millions of people all over the world move safely and comfortably in public transit systems, airports, office buildings, convention centers, shopping centers, hospitals, condominiums, and other urban spaces. EHC is committed to developing sustainable solutions that optimize safety, enhance value, and meet the challenging demands of OEMs, designers, building owners, and facility managers. To accomplish this, EHC employs top material scientists and engineers and continues to invest in R&D, product development, and next-generation polymer and composite extrusion technology. EHC has manufacturing and distribution facilities in Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Brazil, and China and a global network of sales offices including Mexico, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Turkey, and the USA as well as EHC partners in all major markets globally. EHC manufacturing facilities are ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified.

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Mission Statement

Our enterprise, EHC GLOBAL, has identified its prime reason to exist as:
  • Generating prosperity for all: customers, owners and shareholders, employees, suppliers, and the (global) community
  • Living its deep-rooted passion for creating products and delivering service that are a reflection of excellence
  • Providing gainful, meaningful, and satisfying employment for all staff
  • Helping provide opportunities for those associated with us to pursue their self-betterment and their aspirations
  • Contributing towards making our world a better place

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